We have over 60 years experience in producing multi-hole connector preforms for the Hermetics market. We have existing tooling ready to produce most common planforms including most MIL-STD designs. Preforms are manufactured for compliance with the appropriate standards including Mil-DTL-38999, Mil-C-26482, Mil-C-24308, Mil-C-5015 and EN2997. We can produce preforms in both our standard glass range and also our latest speciality glasses. We provide preforms to seal to many materials including aluminium and titanium. Our connector preforms can also be supplied with our unique marking process to identify each hole. We use a custom printing process and unique ceramic ink that is only available from Mansol and is the most robust and reliable on the market today.

Hermetic connectors are used to separate an inert atmosphere or vacuum on one side from wide-ranging high-pressure, high-temperature, or corrosive conditions on the other. They are also used to maintain a pressure differential between the two sections. Mansol connector preforms are designed to help provide a continuously gas-tight seal while withstanding:

• High pressures

• Extreme temperatures

• High vibration

We supply in excess of 500,000 connector preforms per year around the world to serve the applications below.

• Actuation
• Air Data Systems
• Bulkhead Feedthrough
• Fuel Utility Systems
• Hydraulic Systems

• Pressure Sensors
• Temperature Sensors
• Torque Sensors

• Optical Systems
• Inertial Guidance
• Electronic Boxes

• Land Seismic
• Cable Headers
• Hydro-streamers

• Ships
• Subsea
• Deep Penetration Applications