We can now offer a full range of micro-preforms in virtually any design you could require. To complement this we have launched a new range of materials that can be made into micro-preforms. Some of our existing glasses have also been refined allowing us to produce smaller preforms to a tighter tollerance than ever before. Micro-preforms can be used to seal tiny components which in the past would not suit a glass to metal seal, lightweight alloys such as Aluminium are also now able to be sealed with our Micro-preforms.

We now manufacture low temperature micro-preforms which are used worldwide in laser assemblies for the optical communication industry. These preforms use our special low temperature glass (L13) developed to give the unique properties required for use in laser packages. Applications include hermetic seals for sealing the fibre into the package and accurate fibre positioning and clamping.

The use of a glass seal for hermetic packages has significant advantages over the original method of metallising the fibre and then soldering it into the package. This method resulted in a 30% decrease in fibre strength, the risk of organic contamination, a low production rate and a high reject rate.

Another application for glass preforms is in 980nm pump laser production. The 980nm pump lasers are used in EDFA (Erbium Doped Fibre Amplifier) devices. The assembly process uses a low temperature glass preform to hold a fibre in front of the laser facet to an accuracy of fractions of a micron. By using a glass preform a fast accurate production process is achieved. The previous method involved the use of a high temperature welding operation which tended to lead to package distortion that could later result in a shift in alignment.

Our Low temperature micro-preforms can be supplied in various shapes and sizes as per customer’s request. We have designed and built new high precision presses to hold tight tolerances for even our smallest preforms, example diameter 0,60mm – 0,70mm, thickness 0,20mm – 0,30mm. Our fibre optic sealing laboratory is equipped with industry standard inspection equipment and a modern belt fed sintering furnace. We also have a plasma oven, which can be used to clean some preforms. High-powered inspection cameras offering a live feed to the press operator monitor the manufacturing of all our fibre optic preforms.