We offer over fifty glass and glass ceramic materials in various colours split into the following four categories;

> Mansol Standard Glass Range
> MLT Speciality (Low Temperature glasses)
> MHT Speciality (High Temperature glasses)
> MGC Mansol Glass Ceramics (High temperature glass ceramics)

Our standard glass range features predominately Borosilicate and Soda Lime glasses, a brief description of each can be found below.

Mansol Standard Glass – Borosilicate
These are our standard silica based glasses with a coefficient of thermal expansions lower than 6 ppm/C. They are most commonly used to form matched seals with the likes of Kovar, Molybdenum, and Tungsten. Typical hard glasses are Alkali Barium Borosilicate and Alkali Borosilicate. Our most common glasses of this type are B02 (comparable to Corning 7056), B05, B07, B08, B09, B017 (comparable to Corning 7052)

Mansol Standard Glass – Soda-Lime
These are our standard glasses with the coefficient of thermal expansions above 6.0 x10-6. The most common use for these glasses is for forming hermetic seals between Alloy 52 pins and Stainless Steel housings. Soft glasses are also used for many other compression sealing applications. Typical soft glasses are Soda Lime glass, Alkai Barium glass. Our most common glasses of this type are S02 (comparable to Corning 9010)  ,S03 and S05 (comparable to Corning 9013)

MLT & MHT Speciality glasses
These are our latest Specialist sealing materials produced using over 70 years of experience in this field. We are regularly adding to these materials and have now established two vast new ranges of exciting new glasses. You will find glasses that will seal to fibre optic cables, Copper Berylium and various other materials requiring low temperature sealing. Also we have a range of lead and lead-free glasses suitable to seal to Aluminium and Titanium. MLTMansol Low Temperature and MHTMansol High Temperature.

MGC – Mansol Glass Ceramics

We have recently added several new materials to this range with a very good CTE spread. MGC-3 for example has been specially formulated to give an expansion closely matched to that of copper. It has high electrical insulation properties and good mechanical strength, and finds increasing application as a conformal insulating layer on copper substrates as well as conventional electrical lead-throughs. MGC1 can be used on conventional compression seals that have higher temperature requirements than those possible with Soft glasses.


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