Split into many categories. Mansol produce over 50 glass and ceramic materials in various colours


From Micro Preforms, through to Sintered Glass and CLF Sealing


Expansion Testing, Leak Testing, Sample & Prototype Production, Milling & Blending

Mansol Preforms are dedicated to the manufacture and supply of sintered glass preforms, glass support rods, miniature lamp beads and fibre-optic sealing preforms.

We offer over 50 ISO9001 certified glass and ceramic materials in various colours split across the four categories of; Standard glass (Borosilicate and Soda Lime glasses), Low Temperature Glass (new materials for sealing fibre optic cables, Copper beryllium etc.), High Temperature Glass and High Temperature Ceramics.

We are proud to supply;


Mansol Preforms consistently offers high quality and performance in all areas. We rate their product quality and customer care as excellent.
We are very happy with the service provided by Mansol Preforms. Their helpful staff are always ready to help.
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